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Providing the best with dedication services
Beautiful and clean architectural environments

Hi-tech flourinated multi-color paint

with 20 years of lifespan!

Flawless 3D natural stone patterns!

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Eco-Friendly and Pollution Free Marble Patterned
Paints with the appearance of natural italian marble!
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Advanced technology and premium quality

for leading various stone-based paints!

Company Profile

Daebo Paints is the No. 1 paint in Korea for 20 years. These spray applied paints yields the best quality paint that set the trend for building finishing in Korea.

It was Daebo Green Pacific Inc.’s board members, Mr. Chang-Ok Lee and Mr. Choi Won Tae who searched for these product to bring in to the Philippine Market. Thus the birth of Daebo Green Pacific Inc. in San Juan City – the exclusive distributor of Daebo Paints. Daebo Paints is an eco-friendly, high technology premium quality patterned paints created through endless technological advancement and development.

In the Philippines, Daebo paint made its kick-off project in Quezon City along Sgt. Esguerra near Edsa and flew directly to the northern part of the country, Subic Bay Free Port Zone, as the exterior finish of one of the biggest newly constructed hotel.

As of today, Daebo paints is just waiting for the implementation of various soon to rise condominium/hotels in different places in Metropolitan Manila and other provinces.

Daebo Green Pacific Inc. is aiming that these stone-textured paint be the next Philippine trend in building finishes.

Daebo Paint is operating for the past 20 years. It is not only growing into becoming the leading supplier of various stone-patterned paints, but also exploring the world market and competes with utmost confidence.


Company Mission

The mission of Daebo Green paints is to provide high quality interior and exterior residential and commercial building paints and to provide high quality painting services.

Daebo Green aims to manufacture and provide these products and services with an on – going comprehensive quality products and services with 100% customer’s satisfaction.

The company’s President and Manufacturer, as well as the principal officers, see each agreement not only between a business and its customers, but also between partners that wish to create a close monitoring of its products and services, and a mutually long term relationship between the company and the consumers.

The company believes in their mission, nurturing expert researchers to develop new innovation and resources to become the leader and dominant provider and supplier of various stone patterned paints and continue exploring the world’s market to be more competitive in the name of paints.


Company Vision

To become the A-1 distributor service provider of high quality paints like Stone-Based paints, Comb Granite Stone and Combi Marble Stone in other countries, and to be the world’s No. 1 in our field of expertise.


Our Objectives

Daebo Paint will never settle, but we will always strive hard to give customer’s full satisfaction i.e., advanced technologies, competitive facilities and premium quality paints.

Our objective for Daebo Green Paints over the next 3 years is to:

  • Achieve high sales revenue.
  • Achieve a customer mix of commercial, residential building contracts in just short span.
  • Expand operations to include all Greater COUNTRIES.