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Hi-tech flourinated multi-color paint

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Flawless 3D natural stone patterns!

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Eco-Friendly and Pollution Free Marble Patterned
Paints with the appearance of natural italian marble!
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Combi Shine Marble Interior

COMBI SHINE MARBLE is a spray manufactured with special polymeric resin and weather-resistant pigment and a high quality interior finish excellent in weather resistance, alkali resistance, water proof, fading proof, water resistance and crack proof to allow two colors to be simultaneously sprayed, thereby forming a graceful design like a natural marble. Furthermore, the COMBI SHINE MARBLE is an Eco-friendly product with low VOCs and free from HCHO, which is an essential element of interior paint.

General Use

  1. Applicable to interior walls of all buildings including concrete, cement mortar, gypsum board, plywood, PC board, ALC plate and GRC plate
  2. Artistic spaces: High class exhibition halls, multi-purpose halls, galleries and concert halls.
  3. Public facilities: Wedding halls, libraries, churches, schools and Government offices.
  4. Commercial facilities: High class cafes, hotels, condominiums and entertainment establishments.
  1. Temperature 5°C or more, relative humidity less than 85%, wind speed less than 5m/sec, with no rain and snow.
  2. Completely dry the product. ( less than 10% of moisture content, less than ph9)
  3. No dust, ashes and foreign objects are allowed to occur.
  4. No cracks, grooves and damages are allowed to occur.
  5. No pin holes and air holes are allowed to occur
Flow Material Combination (weight ratio) Consumption
Creating Frequency Within Process Inter Process Final Curing Engineering Methods
Base Arrangement Inspection Impurities on the surface should be completely removedUse an exclusive putty to remove or smooth cracks, grooves and damage areas.
Bottom Coating Combi Primer



withing 5%

0.15-0.2 1-2 - 4 or more - Brush, Roller, Spray
Masonry Joint Line drawing

Masonry joint work

Design a masonry joint position on bottom coated surface and draw a line with an inking line or a chalk.

Attach a masonry joint tape at a predetermined interval. Remove masonry joint tape after top coating.

Base Coating
shine marble
A color

B color



within 5%

0.8-1.2 1 - - 24 or more Exclusive Spray
Top Coating (optional) Combi DiatoMild TOP 100

Within 5%

0.15-0.2 1-2 - - 24 or more Brush, Roller, Spray